Our Valued Partners

Meet the dedicated organizations and individuals who join hands with us to create positive change in our community. Together, we are making a lasting impact on education, literacy, and empowerment.

Alignment Rockford

Expanding training for “Every Child Ready to Read” and the Boston Basics, including purchasing board books for kits to newborn families at UW Health, SwedishAmerican Hospital through their “Building Literacy Together” program.

Impacting more than 3,000 individuals and families.

Boys & Girls Club of Rockford

The Boys & Girls Club is adding a Volunteer Coordinator position to recruit and retain more tutors to support their Academic Success Reading program, which provides small-group intervention for academically at-risk or below-grade level students.

Impacting 350 children.

Brooke Road United Methodist Church

Brooke Road Community Center in south Rockford has launched a new initiative focused on children’s emotional and social well-being as a determining factor for success in increasing literacy rates. They’ve hired a coordinator who will develop and promote these programs, with Brooke Road piloting a model that can be scaled and replicated at faith-based organizations across the region.

Cherry Valley Public Library District

Cherry Valley Public Library is ensuring story time and meet and greet opportunities with their picture book series mascot Jasper Rabbit. Children listen to stories, sing songs, have their photos taken, and receive a free copy of one of Jasper the Rabbit’s books and fun at-home activities.

Impacting 500 families and children.

Discovery Center

Discover Center is increasing literacy in their preschool-aged Ready to Read playgroup program. Parents become aware of the importance of their interactions with their children, and the program increases the number and type of situations in which they can engage in quality interactions.
Impacting 300 families and children.

Durand Charm

Durand Charm is enhancing caregiver involvement in literacy by purchasing books and coordinating activities using take-home packs to encourage family/caretaker involvement in CUSD 322’s Accelerated Reader program for grades K-3. They also provide funding to expand the Friends of the Library and the school’s summer reading program.

Impacting nearly 200 families and children.

Harlem School District 122

Ensuring access to the District’s Home Visiting Program for prenatal to age three children, which includes items for parents and children, group encounters, and a lending library. Investing in the lending library and group encounter materials for students and families ages 3-5.

Head Start

United Way is investing in Head Start’s Pace Project, Home Visiting, and Book Walk.

Impacting 125 families and children.

Junior League of Rockford

Junior League of Rockford is purchasing a book vending machine and books for a Crusader Clinic site.

Impacting 600 families and children.

Mercyhealth Hospital

Mercyhealth is ensuring access to and providing baby board books for newborn families.

Impacting 400 women and families.

Patriots Gateway Center

Patriots Gateway Center is increasing school readiness. They are working with a literacy professional and piloting techniques and teaching methods to enhance after-school programs during the school year and strengthen summer programs.

Impacting 65 children.

Pilgrim Baptist Church

Pilgrim’s Strong Readers Program focuses on helping children 0-8 read at grade level by improving their skillsets in the five components of literacy: phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension—all necessary elements for proficient readers.

Impacting 40 children.

Rockford Park District

The Rockford Park District is empowering youth through summer literacy and cultural enrichment. Through United Way, the Rockford Park District provides books for kids in summer programs at eight parks, plus Lewis Lemon & Haskell grade schools.

Impacting 250 children 5-7 years old.

Rockford Public Library

Rockford Public Library’s (RPL) Laundromat Libraries have a wide variety of books to increase access and promote the development of early literacy skills. Each RPL Laundromat Library has scheduled activities and a display rack with information for parents and caregivers about early literacy and community resources. RPL staff read with kids and show parents how to engage with their children in ways that boost their literacy skills. In addition, RPL is empowering volunteers by providing literacy training to schools, churches, and other community organizations.

Impacting nearly 850 children and families.

YWCA Northwestern Illinois

The YWCA Northwestern Illinois provides free books each month and literacy training for daycare centers and daycare homes; reaching children ages birth to five years of age to prepare them for kindergarten and beyond.

Impacting 500 children.