5 Reasons Why Reading is Important for Children

  1. A reading child is a confident child.

Learning to read gives children confidence — reading presents kids with a challenge and teaches them the skills needed to overcome it.

  • It encourages independence.

Kids feel fulfilled when they finally learn to read on their own. It also teaches children to choose what to read and cultivate their interests separate from their parents.

  • It makes their brains grow faster.

Reading might not make your kid’s brain grow literally, but it certainly helps with brain development—reading to your child or teaching them to read can increase their brain function considerably.

  • It helps them bond more with their parents.

Kids can read together with parents, or parents can read to them — either way, it is a great way for parents to establish a nurturing space for and with their children.

  • Reading helps kids communicate better.

Reading helps kids improve their vocabulary; your little ones can also understand context cues and improve general communication.